Church History


The Vision

Rev. Robert D. Richardson  received  a vision from RevRichardson-young

He  saw  a church with the steps leading  to  the  front  door from  both sides of the building. One day as he was driving through Freehold, God showed him a vacant church on the corner of First and Center Streets. He knew this was the place that God had revealed to him in his vision. He excitedly told his wife, Christine, that he had found the place where God wanted him to establish a place of worship to His glory and honor.


The Vision Manifested

The New Hope Baptist Church was organized as a Mission on September 19, 1971 at 28 First Street, Freehold, NJ. The Mission was reorganized as a church on April 14, 1972. The Certificate of Incorporation was received on June 26, 1972. On September 26, 1972 the membership purchased the building and by the next year had renovated both the interior and exterior. photo-church1973


The membership would grow under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the church would start an outreach program for the community and support Missionary

Ministries in Nairobi, Kenya and Liberia, West Africa. As God’s spirit moved in the hearts of the people at New Hope some would be called as Deacons others would be called to the Ministry to preach God’s Word and later would be called to move on to new places to spread the gospel. Years would pass and the people would continue to glorify the Lord. In October of 1996 God would call the shepherd and founder of New Hope home to glory to his reward. God would not leave the people of New Hope comfortless, for God’s spirit still dwells with us today.

The New Vision  VDock+EDockProgCover

In 1999 the spirit of the Lord sent a new shepherd to New Hope, The Rev. Vester L. Dock and his wife Emma. They would bring, New Life,  New Spirit, New Vision, and New Hope to the church. The church would be regenerated to higher heights. Our walk with Christ would become richer, our love for the Father deeper and our desire for God’s Word more deeply embedded in our hearts.

The Vision Working In The Power Of God  

New Hope has since made many additions and upgrades to church and the grounds. We continue to live our motto: “Love Is What Love Does,” spreading love throughout the community.  We revitalized our Bible Studies, Sunday School, Prayer Meetings, Food Program, NHBC – Voices of Hope choir, Nurses Ministry, Music Media Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Ushers Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Pastor’s Aide, Helping Hands Ministry. A Male Chorus was formed in Summer 2013.


We continue to open our doors for those in need of a comforting word, counseling and prayer. The best is yet to come!


*Under the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, New Hope continues to serve as a “safe harbor for lost souls.”